First Donegore Presbyterian Church


Leader: Mrs Margaret McKinstry

Deputy Leader: Mrs Mandy Mulholland

Secretary: Ms Janet Moreland

Treasurer: Mrs Susan Fletcher

13 September 2016 8pm
Outing to Lorraine Duncan
@ Country Cakes

11 October 2016 8pm
Visitors Night The Mercy Ships
Speaker: Michael McBrien
Consultant Anaesthetist, RVH Belfast

7 November 2016 8pm

Celebration Evening Lylehill

Church Speaker: Sharon Heron

8 November 2016 8pm

Finance Meeting

Speakers: Grace & John @ Kids4School

22 November 2016 8pm

Centenary Dinner at Wynfield House

Special Guest Anna Morrison

10 January 2017 8pm

Roberta Irvine, Deaconess

Greystone Road Presbyterian Church

14 February 2017 8pm

Megan Quinn & Rebecca Wilson

Speaking on their trip with Exodus

14 March 2017 8pm

Maretta Coleman

Floral Art Demonstration

19 March 2017 11am

Centenary Service

Special Speaker: Maud Kells

Outing to be arranged

PW Centenary Dinner at Wynfield House

2016 - 2017 Programme