First Donegore Presbyterian Church

Baptismal & Marriage Records

The church holds baptismal records from around 1806 to the present day. During this period the church was served by 11 ministers as follows:

No records exist in the church of baptisms

during the ministry of:

Andrew Stewart          1627 - 1634
Thomas Crawford      1655 - 1670
William Shaw              1671 - 1687
Francis Iredell             1688 - 1699
Alexander Brown        1702 - 1758

The Baptismal Records contain some or all of the following:

Name of Child, Date of Birth, Date of Baptism, Name of Father, Name of Mother, Address (usually

the Townland) and the name of the minister at the time.

The Marriage records are copies of the Marriage Certificates.

We also have records of deaths in the congregation from 1964.

We would point out that First Donegore Church does not have a cemetery.

There is one however at the Second Donegore Church, and also a very old one at Donegore Parish


We have received quite a large number of requests for information from persons around the world. Consequently we have photographed all the Baptismal and Marriage records (758 pages covering in excess of 7,000 records) and have produced these in the form of a DATA DVD for use in a computer. This DVD will enable interested parties to carry out their own research from the original documents.

Also included in the DVD are 'spreadsheets' covering all the baptismal and wedding records from 1806. These will make searching for names, dates etc much easier and each individual record in the spreadsheet has a reference to the photograph number of the original records.


We are deeply indebted to a very good friend in Australia, Melodie Neal, for the preparation of the spreadsheet. As you will see when you study this sheet a considerable amount of work was involved in its preparation.

Should you have any questions about our church records, or wish to obtain a copy of the DVD, please contact John Hall using the following email address.


john.hall (at)

John Wright	 James C Ledlie Henry Cooke J Seaton Reid John Doherty		 Samuel S Allison (a) William J Gillespie Samuel S Allison (b)	 	Alexander McKinney J Wallace Bruce James Tolland Stephen Simpson

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